The Last Israelis -

the last israelis

Iran has threatened to destroy Israel while actively developing the nuclear means to do so. Israel’s Prime Minister is hospitalized shortly after learning that Iran is just a week away from entering the so-called “zone of immunity” by transferring key components of its nuclear weapons program into a mountain impervious to attack by Israeli jets.

Israel’s “second-strike” answer to the existential threat posed by a nuclear Iran is a powerful submarine armed with nuclear-tipped missiles that can strike targets 930 miles away.

A gripping cautionary tale about a nuclear Iran, “The Last Israelis” takes a suspense-filled ride aboard the Dolphin submarine. The crew of 35 submariners are ethnically, religiously, and politically diverse. Add to this cauldron of complexity the rivalry between the captain and his deputy, and a childhood tragedy that quietly haunts a younger sailor whose psychological wounds could explode at any time.

How do all of these people get along through the unrelenting pressure from an enemy attack, a disaster underwater, problems communicating with headquarters, and an unthinkable dilemma placed before the group of 35 men?  Get the book and find out!

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