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October 1, 2015

Why Is Anyone Still Reading the Blatantly Biased New York Times?

The anti-Israel prejudice at The New York Times (“NYT”) is so extensive and persistent that the paper’s partiality is now undeniable and well documented (see the endless archive of NYT bias reports at two media watchdogs: CAMERA and Honest Reporting). Here are four egregious examples from the last few weeks. On September 10th, the NYT singled out […]

The Last Israelis Military Thriller Web Site

January 8, 2015

Can Charlie Hebdo’s Spirit Include Israel?

The Islamist massacre at Charlie Hebdo has understandably captured global attention because it was a barbaric attack on France and freedom of expression. In a moment of defiant moral clarity, “je suis Charlie” emerged as a popular phrase of solidarity with the victims. Hopefully such clarity persists and extends to those facing similar challenges every day in the Middle […]

The Last Israelis Military Thriller Web Site

November 13, 2014

Iran’s Letter to Obama: Thanks for the Nukes!

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Dear President Obama, You’ve been a great friend for the last six years and, to express our appreciation, we’d like to acknowledge some of your many helpful actions: 1) In 2009, our presidential election results were so dubious that millions of brave, pro-democracy protesters risked their lives to demonstrate throughout our country. When our Basij […]